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Programs Offered

Information Management and Information System(Information System and Data Management): This major not only focuses on the analysis, design and implementation of information system, but also emphasizes the cultivation mode of data-driven management application. It will instruct the students to learn the latest information technology and make full use of which to collect, process and analyze big data of organizations and enterprises. Thus, the students can be cultivated to be interdisciplinary talents who would have mastered theoretical knowledge of modern management as well as theories and technologies of information science. Then the students will be enabled to process and analyze massive economic and financial data, and make timely and accurate decisions.

Core courses: Object-oriented Programming (JAVA EE), Intro to Programming Business Apps, Python Data Analysis, Business Telecomm Networks, MIS Project Management (DLE), etc.

Financial Mathematics(Financial Service and Quantitative Analysis): Financial Mathematics emerged as a novel comprehensive discipline and has been attached great importance by the international finance and applied mathematics fieldscommunity. This major aims to apply quantitative analysis and scientific prediction to financial activities, undertaking researches on portfolio issues, derivative pricing and risk management etc. in financial markets. On one hand, it will guide the students to acquire theoretical knowledge of Mathematics and Finance as well as method of quantitative analysis; on the other hand, it  will also boost the students’ progress in the application of mathematical method to tackle practical financial problems, and enable the students to make full use of mathematics and computer technology to design quantitative investment strategies, analyze option futures pricing, control financial risks and so on.

Core courses: Financial Stochastic Analysis, Derivative Securities and Risk Management, Capital Markets & Financial Institution, Financial Modeling and Valuation, Intermediate Financial Management, etc.

Logistics Management (Operations Management and Business Analysis): As modern logistics industry has been transformed from the traditional one into modern well-matched supply chain field required by the developments of profusions of enterprises, and from entity supply chain to digital supply chain, the utilization of big data will thoroughly change the operation modes of supply chain and relevant logistics industry. This major aims to cultivate students' comprehensive all-round quality required by modern supply chain management, emphasizing the compound ability of acquiring theoretical knowledge on operation management, as well as mastering technology and tools of business analysis. It will focus on cultivating the students’ abilities on quantitative analysis and data analysis, and how to use modern business analysis to solve management problems and optimize business decisions.

Core courses: Service and Operations Management, Operations and Supply Chain, Data Analysis and Quality Control, Business Process Analysis, Project Management: Consulting, etc.