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2020 Enrollment brochure

SWUFE-UD Institute of Data Science at Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (License No.: MOE51USA02DNR20191972N), approved by the Chinese Ministry of Education, is jointly established by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics and University of Delaware. Three undergraduate programs will be offered in the joint institute: Management Information Systems, Finance, and Operations Management. The institute has a total enrollment scale of 20 students, and starts to enroll 60 science students for each program respectively since 2020.

The establishment of SWUFE-UD Joint Educational Institute of Data Science is important for SWUFE to boost the construction of "Double First-Class" university. The institute aims to become internationalized innovation demonstration zone of the construction of first-class disciplines and undergraduate programs. In order to nurture interdisciplinary professional talents with global competency, solid theoretical foundation in data science and broad vision on data application, the institute strives to build the internationalized talent cultivation highland of interdisciplinary undergraduate programs, and makes great efforts on the development and propulsion of SWUFE’s internationalization strategy and "Double First-Class" construction by adopting the approach of local internationalization, innovative talent cultivation mode and persisting with the fundamental obligation of cultivating talents through strengthening moral education.

Win-Win Cooperation:

Brief introduction of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics (SWUFE):


SWUFE is located in Chengdu, the engine-city for the development of Western China and the fourth-largest aviation hub in China. It is a key national university under the direct administration of the Ministry of Education and is listed in the first batch of World-class Disciplines of “Double First-Class”University Project and Pilot Project of National Education System Reform, the "Project 211" and the " 985 Innovative Platform for Key Disciplines Project University."As it serves as a top university specialized in Economics, Management and Finance, SWUFE has become favorably known as "China's financial talent pool".

Brief introduction of the University of Delaware (UD):


The University of Delaware (UD), founded in 1743, is one of the oldest first-class public research universities in the United States. It is located in Newark, Delaware, about 2 hours’ drive from Washington D.C. and New York City.

As it is well known as the "public ivy league" institution, the University of Delaware enjoys a high reputation in the national and international academia and ranked 38th among national public universities by US News in 2019.

AsCollege Factualserves as the most influential ranking at the undergraduate majors level in the United States and an important reference for American high school students to choose university and majors, the University of Delaware's Management Information Systems ranked 26th out of 147, Finance & Financial Management ranked 16th out of 389, and Business Administration & Management ranked 25th out of 746 according to the latestCollege Factualranking in 2019.

Program Setting and Education Direction

SWUFE-UD Institute of Data Science aims to create three data science programs that combine international education system and cultural advantages. And all the cultivation direction can be summarized as three fundamental modules : the data, the quantitative measurement approaches, and decision making analysis. The data is the fact, the quantitative measurement approaches will be the ways of solution, which will enhance the decision making analysis as the best practice mechanism.The institute combines with high-quality educational resources and cultural expertise which provides students with an advanced education system and scientific study model.

Dual Degree, Dual Enrollment

Qualified graduates who meet the requirements of both universities will be awarded a degree from each university, which includes SWUFE’s Bachelor’s degree certificate and graduation certificate and the corresponding UD’s degree ofBachelor of Science certificate for Management Information Systems, Finance and Operations Management. Students will be enrolled in both SWUFE and University of Delaware to enjoy mutual education resources.

Education Mode

SWUFE-UD Institute of Data Science will enroll students through the National General Higher Education Examination. The institute adopts 4+0 education mode, which means the students who meet the requirements of both universities will be awarded SWUFE’s Bachelor’s degree certificate and graduation certificate and the corresponding UD’s degree of Bachelor of Science certificate for Management Information Systems, Finance and Operations Management. It doesn’t necessarily require students to study at UD for the issue of UD’s degree certificate. (If academic and language performance meets the requirements, students can choose 2 + 2 or 3 + 1 education mode either.)

English Lecture

Excellent teachers from both universities will cultivate students on rigorous thinking logic, critical thinking, English academic capacity, self-management ability and Lifelong learning ability through education mode.

Distinguished Faculty

SWUFE-UD Institute of Data Science is equipped with an internationalized faculty team with qualified teachers to provide students with general education and professional education. The Chinese faculty consists of excellent teachers from Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. According to the agreement between two universities, the University of Delaware will focus on selecting experts and professors with international vision and high reputation, of which account for nearly 70%. The teachers must be reviewed by the joint management board and accepted by SWUFE for teaching evaluation.


Southwestern University of Finance and Economics has established different types of scholarships. Students with outstanding academic and research abilities can be awarded scholarships such as national scholarship, national encouragement scholarship, and undergraduate freshman scholarship.

In addition, there are multiple types of enterprise funded scholarships at SWUFE, including "Agricultural of Bank China Scholarship", "Zhuxin Scholarship", "Zheneng Scholarship", "LOTTE Scholarship", and "Bank of China Scholarship "and many other scholarships.

Graduation Certificate and Tuition

SWUFE: bachelor's degree certificate; diploma of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

UD: Bachelor’s degree certificate of The University of Delaware

Education Mode: 4+0

Tuition Fee:76,000 RMB per year

Accommodation Fee: 1,200 RMB per year