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Qingbang ZHANG
【 Financial Mathematics 】 Published : 2020-12-08

Title: Professor

Discipline: Financial mathematics


Introduction: Qingbang ZHANG is professor at school of Economic Mathematics, and the director of the Department of Financial Mathematics, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. He received Ph.D. from Beijing University of Technology.


M.S., Fundamental Mathematics, Sichuan Normal University, 2005

Ph.D., Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics, Beijing University of Technology, 2008

Student Guidance in Recent Three Years

He guided 15 undergraduate graduate theses and 2 undergraduate research theses.

He guided more than 100 students to participate in the National Mathematical Modeling Contest for College Students, and won the national first prize 6 times, second prize 9 times.

He was responsible for organizing undergraduate students to participate in the national Mathematics Competition for college students more than 800 times, and more than 50 students won the first prize in the national preliminary contest, among which 5 students entered the national final contest.

He guided students to participate in social practice activities twice and was conferred an honorary title of Excellent Instructor by Southwestern University of Finance and Economics.

Teaching Interests

He teaches Advanced Mathematics, Mathematical Analysis, Optimization Theory, Functional Analysis, and Optimization Theory and Application.

Research Interests

His research interests include teaching and scientific research, Nonlinear Functional Analysis and Application, and Financial Optimization.

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