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【 Information Management and Information System 】 Published : 2020-12-01

Title: Associate Professor


Introduction: Yu Huang is Associate Professor at School of Economic Information Engineering, Southwestern University of Finance and Economics. He received Ph.D. in computer Science from Brigham Young University in the USA.


B.S., Software Engineering, Southeast University, 2008

M.S., Computer Science, Florida International University, 2010

Ph.D., Computer Science, Brigham Young University, 2016

Teaching Interests

For undergraduates: Hadoop Foundations and Practices, Python Programming, Fundamentals of Computers

For postgraduates: Formal language and automata to postgraduates.

Expertise and results

His research interests include software formalization validation direction, block chain intelligent contract and big data technology. As the first author, two papers have been published at the IEEE/ACM International Conference on Automated Software Engineering (CCF Class A). As the first or second author, he published several papers on international journals of class A and B, including Parallel Computing, Complexity, etc.

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